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Homework activities

Staff Videos for the children- Staff videos for children

Hounslow Newsletters-Hounslow’s National Smile Competition   OHP Newsletter 3rd

Soundabout (Music) Thomas’ Tea Party– virtual music event Sunday 10th July, 2.00pm-6.30pm


EYFS and Key Stage 1

Homework activities here

New activities in PINK – Home-Activities- updated 08.07.20

Action Songs- Action songs links

Home play and learning ideas and Sensory Play ideas

Information on: Singing Hands

Creative Activities   and    Sensory play ideas   10.6.20    activity-ideas_for_sensory_play

Website Links- Updated 6.5.20

Music updates 12.5.20 Music and Website Links- Updated 12.5.20

PE Activities EYFS, KS1 PE Activities PMLD  

UPDATES- PE EYFS KS1 KS2 18.5.20 PE PMLD ideas 18.5.20

Physical Literacy Stretches Weekly PE challenge

Twinkl-Frozen-Vegetables-Edible-Sensory-Recipe       No cook Playdough receipe- Twinkl

Whatever Next!             On the farm With sounds

video For EYFS – Danesbury Road

Book list for The sea topic

Activities and songs for The Sea topic

Bonfire Night Firework Display Video PowerPoint and activities 9.11.20

Children what do you see. Story and communication activity 9.11.20

Diwali-Photo-Powerpoint 9.11.20

Remembrace day . Story and Activity 9.11.20

EYFS CHOOSING a nursery Rhyme 16.11.2020

EYFS tracing horizontal lines and circle 16.11.20

EYFS How many stars- matching with lines 16.11.2020

1- Baa baa black sheep – and activities 16.11.2020

Incy Wincy Spider and craft activities 16.11.2020

Hickory Dickory – Signing – Making sounds 16.11.20

Humpty Dumpty song and activities 16.11.2020

Twinkle Twinkle Song and activity 16.11.2020

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Recipe

handy-pac-with-music ART – 23.11.20

thera-putty-playdough 23.11.20

Silly Putty Edible Sensory Recipe 23.11.20



KS1 Resources

The elves and the shoemaker. Story and activities. 9.11.20

Diwali-Photo-Powerpoint 9.11.20 KS1

Remembrace day . Story and Activity 9.11.20 KS1

KS1 The Elves and the shoemaker 16.11.2020

KS2 Homework activities here

Action Songs- Action songs links

Information on: Singing Hands

Home play and learning ideas and Sensory Play ideas   10.6.20   activity-ideas_for_sensory_play

Music Updates 12.5.20 Music and Website Links- Updated 12.5.20

PE and Physical Development Update 19.5.20       PE and Physical Development KS2

Stretches Physical Literacy Weekly PE challenge

KS2 Learning activities for home

KS2 home learning pack

KS2 Homework activity 1

KS2 Homework activity 2

KS2 Website links

Remembrace day . Story and Activity 9.11.20 KS1

Rainbow fish ART-9.11.2020

Make a fish with Legos 9.11.20

KS2 The colour song poem 16.11.2020