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I am Clare Jenkins your Family Liaison Worker. Some of you may know me from my previous role as Specialist Health Visitor for the Hounslow Child Development Team. I am a proud member of the Lindon Bennett Team and am keen to ensure that all family members feel part of our team and have an opportunity to be involved with the school and learn from each other.

This year I have held sessions on a variety of subjects, all suggested by parents. These have included toilet training, play, autism awareness, oral health, education health care plan information and communication. EarlyBird and cygnet Autism courses and Triple P parenting course have also taken place at school.

Parent Programmes for example EarlyBird, Cygnet and Family Links as well as more Triple P- Stepping Stones and other one off sessions will also be continue to be available next year. So look out for flyers in your child’s bag with information and dates. It is important that you return the reply slip to guarantee a place.

Using my knowledge of local services I have been able invite professionals from partner agencies such as Educational Psychology, the Social Work team and Health Professionals from a variety of disciplines to run the programmes with me. I hope to do the same next year so if you have any more suggestions of topics to discuss let me know.

I also meet parents on a 1:1 basis to talk through those difficult to deal with issues that can arise from having children with additional needs. Next year I hope to create a group for family members where you, as experts, are able to share experiences and knowledge to help each other combat difficulties. Let me know if you’re interested.

I look forward to seeing you all at the various school events and meetings. Please let me know via the school email or by telephone if you have any other suggestions.

Thanks for all your kind words and participation over the year.
Clare Jenkins

Flyer downloads:

Parent and family link.

Parent and family link.


Disability living allowance is the main benefit for disabled children under 16. DLA is designed to help you cover the extra costs that you might face because of your child’s disability. The range of levels is wide, from a little extra help for children with learning disabilities to severe disability both mentally and physically.

What’s really important to remember about the DLA, is that it is about how much extra care and support your child needs not what their diagnosis is. In fact even if your child doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, you can still claim DLA. You will of course need good evidence of how their needs impact them day to day life. The key issue is that they have extra needs that other children their age don’t have.

Click on the link for more information:



The link below is a short Disney film about a little girl with Autism who is mute. We believe this will be helpful for parents/siblings.
Click on the link below to watch the film:-



We are delighted that Richard from The Engine Shed in Streatham brings his trains to some of our special sessions!   The Engine Shed – South London is a special interest group for children and young people with autism who like trains. They can play, talk and enjoy their interest in a welcoming, safe and relaxing environment. Children can both play with existing sets or build their own layout.
To book tickets and  find out more about The Engine Shed click on the link below :-