Lindon Bennett School


Hello! Foxes have made a great start to this term and we have already done lots of great activities!

In communication and language we have been looking at different types of weather. We have been looking at weather, listening to it, doing sensory activities to ‘feel’ the weather and matching the different types of weathers to words! In PSED we have been looking at the different senses. So far Foxes have looked at ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’. We have been exploring different sounds through musical instruments and how different things can affect the way we see! We are moving on to ‘touching’, ‘smelling’ and ‘tasting’ with lots of exciting activities.

In topic this half term in Foxes we are going to be looking at colour. We have already looked at the stories ‘Mrs Rainbow’ and ‘Rainbow Fish’; this included a trip to Pets at Home to look at the different coloured fish! We still have lots of exciting stories to read this half term. We will be doing lots of different activities all to do with different colours!