Lindon Bennett School


This term Foxes class will be learning about ‘Journeys’ in our topic

Welcome back to school and the Summer Term! We hope you had a good Spring holiday and were able to enjoy some of our new ‘freedoms’!

Our topic for the term will be ‘Journeys’.  Each week we will be focusing on a different mode of transport starting with ourselves. We will be going on a ‘Bear Hunt’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and hopefully having some fun experiences along the way!

We will also be travelling by road, train and plane to distant lands and may well encounter a ‘Monsoon’ along the way! We are also looking forward to a hot air balloon ride as well as travelling on the river with ‘Mr Gumpy’ and ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’. Hopefully, there will also be time to explore under water in a ‘Yellow Submarine’.

We will continue to send you daily emails and photos to keep you in touch with all the daily activities in Foxes Class.