Lindon Bennett School


Alongside Number and Communication which continue throughout the school year, Lions Class

explore new topics every half term.

This half-term, Lion class are investigating Superheroes. This has included finding out about real life superheroes such as Queen Elizabeth II and Mo Farah. We are also investigating superheroes found in books and on television. In the coming weeks we will look at historical figures such as Knights who did brave deeds to help others. We are continuing our exploration of food and how to keep healthy and strong by making good food choices and by brushing our teeth. In English we are looking at poetry alongside our chosen books Super Duck, Supertato, King Arthur. In Maths, our focus is patterns and sequencing.

In addition to the above, we have weekly Cooking, Dancing, Science, PE and Music sessions and also time in our sensory and soft play rooms. We are hoping to carry out a number of trips in order to support our learning.