Lindon Bennett School


Panther’s class has been excited about our new topic for this term: toys! So far our class has been tremendously busy exploring all types of cause and effect toys as well as making fun ‘noisy’ toys (shakers) from recycled materials.

In our English sessions, we have been inspired by the story ‘The Toys’ Party’ and have made our very own ‘messy’ cake (using ingredients in the story like tomato sauce and cornflakes!) We have enjoyed mixing, pouring and stirring in all the ingredients, which has helped us with our communication and targets. We will soon be exploring the story ‘Pinocchio’!

In Maths we’ve explored cause and effect toys, colours, shapes and patterns and have counted teddy bears who’ve gobbled up their picnics and have enjoyed counting with boomwackers (colourful percussion tubes that make different pitches). We will carry this over to exploring more fun ways to learn maths with toys!

In cooking sessions, we used our cooking skills again and have made cupcakes and cheese twists so far. In our cross curricular we will explore more toys such as robots and make even more fun arts and crafts. Our adventures out so far this term have been to play and explore in Bushy Park as well as go on an adventure to look at toys in Feltham shopping centre, which we absolutely loved!