Lindon Bennett School


Squirrels have settled in very well to the spring term, and it’s been so lovely to see them back in class after hopefully a restful break.

During our communication and language lessons, we are focusing on various songs by Barefoot Books. The children are able to fully engage with these songs. During our Maths and PSED lessons, we are looking at various counting songs. The children have already loved 5 fat sausages. They loved acting it out in the kitchen area and physically taking away a sausage each time.

Our afternoon topic this term is colour. Each week we are taking a different story to do with colour. The children have already engaged well with Elmer. Most of the children were able to identify all of the different colours that Elmer is made up of!

During the autumn term, the children loved using our hospital and supermarket role play. This half term we have got our very own hairdressers! The children have already really enjoyed engaging with it!