Lindon Bennett School



During spring term, our topic is Heroes. We have started our adventure with the topic story: ‘Superworm’. In English, we will be learning new word, e.g. ‘superworm, superhero’. We will be listening to the ‘Superworm’ story from an audiobook and will learn when to turn the page. Wolves will be focusing on and identifying the story sounds. In maths, we will be exploring the meadow with simple colour and size pattern. In cross-curricular lessons, we will be listening to the music ‘Heroes from movies’. We will be looking at superheroes costumes. Wolves will be identifying the parts of costumes with symbols. We will be practising dressing up skills. Wolves will be looking at what we can do as super kids. We will be learning new actions with ‘I can + action word’ using sentence strips with PECS or words.