Lindon Bennett School

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, we build upon the learning experiences within Nursery and Reception. We continue to follow the EYFS curriculum in order to cement those essential social skills, communication and learning skills, whilst striving to give every child an education that teaches problem solving and number skills as part of first hand every day learning experiences and play opportunities.

Phonics is also taught based on individual needs, following the Letters and Sounds program. We aim for our children to be happy, settled, confident, creative and as independent as possible.

The Prime Areas of the EYFS, as well as literacy and maths where appropriate, are addressed in morning sessions through a combination of adult-led and child initiated activities, giving children time to play and choose their own learning. Adults interact with the children as they play to teach them new things and practice skills.

During afternoon sessions the foundation stage curriculum is taught through an inclusive topic approach where pupils explore exciting, half termly topics and practice and apply the skills learnt in the morning. Adults find out what children know, understand and can do by observing them in their play and adult-led activities. Children are also able to learn outside in our large Key Stage 1 Courtyard. In Key Stage 1 children have PE and music lessons each week taught by specialist teachers. They also attend Key Stage 1 and whole school assemblies.

Towards the end of Year 2, our daily routines and activities will evolve to ensure that the children leave Key Stage 1 with the firm foundations required for future learning.

Key Stage 1’s key focus is moving on from the Early Years curriculum and meeting the requirements of the Key Stage 2 curriculum – thereby being ready for Year 3.

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