Lindon Bennett School

Home/School Communication Book

You are likely to have seen the new Home/School Communication Book in your child’s bag.

Please take a look and use it to communicate with the class team. We like to hear all the news from home, positive as well as negative, so we can share fabulous home experiences with your child and their class mates.

We know how important it is to provide you with the information about how your child has been getting along at school and what wonderful things they have been getting up to. We will be filling in our sections to ensure you are fully updated. Therapists that see your child will also be able to provide information on key moments in the pages at the end of the book.

Should you wish to give more information than the daily or weekend space allows please feel free to add information in the blank sheets at the back of the book. Make sure you date that note and put the page number on the corresponding section for that day.

Thank you to our parents who participated in the pilot of this book, we have taken your comments on board and responded.

These books are expensive and so we ask that you look after them. You may incur a cost if the book gets lost.