Lindon Bennett School

School health team

Health (NHS) provide healthcare assistants (HCAs) across both sites, to meet pupils’ healthcare needs, children’s community paediatric nurses work alongside the HCAs to support the team as well as writing healthcare plans, emergency care plans, liaising with hospital consultants, dietitians, GPs and providing direct healthcare input to pupils during the day, e.g. feeds, medication and seizure management.

The nursing team regularly train school staff in a variety of health procedures including epilepsy, the administration of emergency epileptic medication, administration of other medicines, infection control, the administration of epi pens and specialist gastro feeding procedures. In the absence of a health professional, there are a number of support staff in school who are able to meet these needs. In the event of an emergency the ambulance service will be contacted.

The health team can be contracted via your child’s home school diary or via the schools phone number: 0208 898 0479