Lindon Bennett School

Communication and behaviour


At Lindon Bennett School we aim to provide an environment where the individual child’s potential communication skills can flourish and develop. All of our pupil’s do have language and communication difficulties.

We are committed to provide an appropriate provision for pupils who need to use a means of communication other than speech, including switches, voice output communication aids, signs, symbols or cues.

All pupils should experience a total communication environment. From touch cues, sensory cues, Intensive Interaction to Makaton signs, PECS, symbols and switches to verbal speech.

All staff will use appropriate communication strategies that are relevant for individual pupils giving the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills to express themselves.

Communication Guidelines and Intent for Lindon Bennett downloads:

LB Communication Guidelines Sept22.docx

Intent for LB reviewed Autumn 22.docx


At Lindon Bennett we know that it is important to look at why challenging behaviours are being used and what a child is trying to communicate by their use.

We aim to provide a supportive environment and to teach children to communicate their needs in more appropriate ways.

The majority of what we do is about preventing and predicting challenging behaviour rather than reacting and responding to it.

Lindon Bennett uses Team-Teach principles to train staff in supporting children who are showing challenging behaviour.

We have numerous specific help sheets available on request.