Lindon Bennett School

School Council

At Lindon Bennett School, we aim to actively involve children in their education and include children’s voice in the day to day running of the school.  We believe all Lindon Bennett children are able to make positive contributions and we aim to give our children the opportunities to offer their voice by regularly making choices and offering preferences.

We strive for our children to have a positive sense of belonging and to take an active interest in school and local community events.

The school council is made up of 8 representatives from around the school. 2 members representing both EYFS and KS1 respectively, and 4 members representing KS2.

The school council meet once a term to offer ways in which we could improve our school, and to celebrate what we already do.

Our topic this term is improving children’s well-being.


Minutes to Spring 23 meeting 1.pdf

Spring 1 meeting.pdf

Autumn 2 minutes.pdf